We have a casual and welcoming atmosphere with ample parking and seating. We pray, sing, listen to preaching, and enjoy one another.
1759 US Hwy 259
Diana TX, 75640
(903) 663-1236
  • We gather in person and in our main auditorium.
  • We welcome members and guests with or without face covering.
  • We have plenty of room for social distancing, and we have ushers stationed at doors.
  • We urge personal responsibility regarding each person’s health risks.
  • We also urge charity toward anyone who may take different health precautions than you.
  • If you are sick or if you have run a fever within the last 24 hours, then please stay home. You are certainly welcome to attend at a later date, when you are less likely to share whatever sickness you might have had.
  • For the most up to date information and public announcements, check our Calendar and our FaceBook page.
On June 14, 2020, the congregation of FBC Diana ratified a new constitution, formally embracing an elder-led congregational church polity.
And on August 23, we installed three new elders from among the membership.
Our elders (from left to right in the photo) are Barry Ward, Josh Tanner, Marc Minter (Senior Pastor), and Clint Moore.
In short, the gospel of Christ is the story of God’s love for guilty sinners like us. For more details, visit this webpage gospel or listen to Pastor Marc explain the gospel in this sermon What is the Gospel?.
All brokenness, pain, wickedness, and death in the world is due to human rebellion against God. But God showed His love for rebellious sinners by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to live and to die as a representative for those who would trust and love Him. Through Jesus righteous life and sacrificial death, God reconciled sinners to Himself, and that same Jesus who died was resurrected to everlasting life. Jesus has promised that all sinners who turn from their sin and trust in Him will join Him in enjoying the blessings and favor of God forevermore.
Expositional preaching happens when the point of the biblical text dictates and produces the point of the preached message. We believe the Bible is God’s authoritative and inerrant word, so our weekly gathering centers on Scripture, and this is especially true in the manner and content of our preaching ministry. Listen to one of our most recent sermons by going to our Sunday Sermons page.
Church membership is defined by robust and intimate relationships. The Bible teaches Christians to depend upon one another in the context of a local church, and we understand our great need for one another in all sorts of ways. Our members commit to love one another, to do life together, and to play an active role in discipling one another. Learn more about Membership and about our Membership Process by clicking the links.
Doctrine simply means set of beliefs or teaching. Christianity is essentially a doctrinal religion in the sense that there is a core set of beliefs upon which the whole Christian perspective and life are built. Quite simply we all believe something, but we aim to know why we believe what we do, and we also strive to align our beliefs with the Bible itself. Check out a 20-lesson introduction to Christian doctrine at Basic Christian Beliefs and see also our Confession of Faith.
Leadership is vital to any organization, and the local church places an especially high significance on who should lead and what leaders should do. Biblically, the leaders of the local church are pastors or elders. Elders shepherd the members of the church by teaching sound doctrine, by exemplifying godly character, and by providing oversight according to Christ’s word. Learn more about the qualifications and the responsibilities by listening to the sermons at these links.
9:00am – Life Groups (all ages)
10:15am – Lord’s Day Service
2nd Sunday each Month
5:00pm – Prayer & Praise Gathering
6:15pm – Inductive Bible Study
Contact us:
Office: (903) 663-1236