Healthy Church Membership
A healthy New Testament Church member is (1) someone who has been saved from sin and judgment, trusted Christ alone for redemption; (2) someone who has been water baptized as a symbolic gesture of life in Christ; and (3) someone who puts into practice the things that produce spiritual health and development.
Please read this article by Pastor Marc, which describes what we believe about water baptism. What is true Baptism?
Healthy Practices for Spiritual Development
  • Regular Church Involvement (Attendance & Participation in Activities)
  • Small Group Connection (Life Groups are available)
  • Daily Personal Bible Reading & Study (Investigative & Repetitive)
  • Daily Personal Prayer (Worship, Confession, Thanksgiving, Humble Request)
  • Regular Giving (Cheerful & Willful Giving of Time, Treasure & Talent)
  • Family Investments (Families participating in these practices together) 
Church Membership involves Commitment
While there is no such thing as a perfect Christian, every Christian strives towards a life of holiness and obedience before God. Gospel-centered Community is the place where sinners may live out the implications of the Gospel healthily and productively. Gospel-centered Community requires the commitment of all those involved. At First Baptist Church, we call this commitment a Covenant.
What is a Membership Covenant?
Covenant is the term used to describe God’s way of relating to humanity, and it is the only way that sinful humans may be in right relationship with God.  The term Covenant simply means promise.  God has covenanted to save sinners, and sinners have entered into this covenant of gracious grace when they are made alive in Jesus Christ by the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit.  A local church family is a group of Christians who covenant or promise to live under the lordship of Christ and in glad submission to Christ’s command in community with one another.  There are many implications of such a commitment, but only in Gospel-centered community may Christians enjoy both the pain and pleasure of God’s only sanctifying community – the church.
Click Here to view the Membership Covenant of FBC Diana.