Do you know the Gospel?

This question represents the most important topic of all time, and the answer to this question is assumed by most who might be confronted by it. Think for a moment… What would you say if someone walked up to you while you stood in line at the grocery store and asked you, “What is the Gospel?” Well? Would you tell them that Jesus has made your life better? Would you start to tell them about your church? Would you confuse them with several unfamiliar words and look down on them for not understanding what you’ve vaguely communicated? Would you tell them to say a special prayer?
While there may be many ideas flying around about what to say or how to say it, I’d like to help provide a simple way to remember what to say in any context. That’s right, I said you can be prepared to share the Gospel in any context, with any person from any culture, and even with those you know best. Four words that will help you remember the Gospel and share it well are these: God, Man, Christ, and Response.