An encouragement as we face death in Diana, TX


Coach Keith McKinley (a coach in the New Diana school district) died on Tuesday, April 7. The story in the Longview News Journal was very brief, and heart breaking.[1] A young man, seemingly in good health, simply dies without warning. Adding to the tragedy, Keith has left a wife and three children behind to grieve their loss.

In times like this, it is inevitable that we begin to ask questions like “How does something like this happen?” or “Why would God allow such a terrible thing?” These are serious questions that should not be passed by too quickly or answered too carelessly. When we face the most difficult pains of mortal life, it is always beneficial for us to consider what God has revealed in His word. We cannot know the answer to every question, but we can answer many of the tough questions of life because God has graciously told us what is true.