The Crucifixion : Jesus is our Substitute

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Sermon Notes

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ has been a popular topic for discussion, books, and even movies.  Millions of people, in the recent past, viewed a movie about this gruesome event depicting the carnal brutality that is crucifixion.  When Jesus’ crucifixion is mentioned it evokes thoughts and images of tremendous physical agony, but the Bible actually provides very little detail about what Jesus’ crucifixion actually looked like.  Additionally, millions of people have been crucified – possibly hundreds of thousands by the Romans alone.  The method by which Jesus was murdered is not unique and the Bible lacks emphasis on many details of it.  Why, then, is this single event such a focus of human history?  Why has this moment become the pinnacle of Christian emphasis?  The significance of the cross of Christ is in the divine intentionality of it.