The Ascension and Glorification

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Sermon Notes

It is rare to hear a preacher speak long about the Ascension of Christ. One may be hard pressed to remember when he or she has ever heard a sermon about this aspect of Jesus’ work. I admit my own neglect of this matter for most of my ministry, but in recent years it has stirred my affections and garnered my attention. The work of Christ would be incoherent and inconsequential without key aspects of it, and the ascension of Christ as King and Lord is one of those essential aspects. Jesus is now both Lord and Christ! He is the ascended King of glory and the reigning Lord of all! In addition to these, Jesus Christ is the interceding Priest for all those He calls His own. This is a tremendous comfort for all those who notice their own inability to persevere in their mortal strength. May God cause our hearts to rejoice at the rediscovery of this apex of Christ’s work – the Ascension.