New Life & New Identity

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Sermon Notes

Human nature, now corrupted after the fall of the first man, is much more sinful and desolate than most of us would like to admit. What does the natural man think of God? How does the natural woman view those things that are truly good? What is the natural posture of every human towards God’s good authority? Your answers to these questions will color what you think of many other things. God’s grace is one of those things that will arouse some kind of reaction from all people. Some will think little of it; others will cling to God’s grace as though there were nothing more important in the entire universe. Who you are now has much to do with who you once were and the perceived value you place on God’s grace. This passage seeks to pull back the curtain to reveal human nature, God’s good grace, and the glorious inheritance that awaits all those who place their confidence in Christ.