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Sermon Notes

Just imagine it… A multitudinous crowd gathers around one man. The man is known far and wide as a healer, a miracle-worker, and a teacher from God Himself. Speculation about this man is out of control, and there are mixed feelings about who he really is. The man tells everyone to sit on the cool grass, and he spontaneously creates enough bread to feed the whole bunch, as much as they want. “The legend is true!” the people thought. “Let’s have him as king! He can provide for us, and we will be his people!” However, the miraculous teacher refuses the offer. He will have none of their acclaim, for his kingly office is not theirs to issue. In this message, we will consider the point of John’s narrative and how we might wisely listen to the better prophet – Jesus Christ.”JOHN: THAT YOU MAY BELIEVE | THE BETTER PROPHET “.