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Sermon Notes

Both Jacob and Joseph died in Egypt. The promise they had from God was a great inheritance, but their earthly lives did not last long enough to see it. Strangers in the land of promise had become pilgrims in a foreign kingdom, and yet they heard and believed the promises of God. “There is coming a King! His kingdom shall never end, and He will come from Israel.” This promise rings out at the close of Genesis, and it is a reiteration of the promise God made at the very beginning (Gen. 3:15). The conquering King, who would make all things new by bruising the head of that ancient serpent, was the hope of all those who believed and feared God. The same is true today, but we have the marvelous benefit of looking back to the King who did actually conquer. Jesus Christ is now making all things new, and those who believe and fear God are patiently expecting this coming King.