Pastor Marc to FBC Diana Family (Feb 2015)

2015 is off and running, and FBC Diana is too. You may have noticed already, but our church family has grown recently. We are very glad to have welcomed 2 new families and one soon-to-be family to our membership. We are also glad to welcome Mark Jonah as a faithful leader in our musical worship. As you likely know, Mark Jonah has voluntarily spent many weeks with us, and his leadership in musical worship is marvelous. Our congregation is truly grateful for Mark’s willingness to serve as Minister of Music.

In all that we have seen and experienced recently, we are wise to look again to the Scriptures in order to remember who we are and what we are to do. Throughout 2015 we will be asking the question, “Who is FBC Diana?”
It is my prayer that we will all take hold of a biblically informed and convictional answer to that question in the near future. I propose that we answer the question by saying: We exist for God’s glory and our joy through Gospel-centered Worship, Community, Service, and Multiplication. This brief phrase, I believe, captures the heart of who we are and what we are to do.

This month, we begin by looking at the very first part of the phrase. “We exist for God’s glory.” God’s glory is supreme, first, because God is supremely glorious. He is the best, the most, the grandest, the loveliest, the surest, the strongest, and the gracious-est… Well, He is the most gracious. For these reasons and many others, He is most glorious. His glory is the most important end or purpose for everything.

In light of all this, it is right to understand that God’s glory is the chief or greatest purpose for which humanity exists. It is also right to understand that God’s glory is the highest purpose for which FBC Diana exists.

It is my prayer, church family, that we will really begin to believe that we exist for God’s glory. FBC Diana may be a small congregation in a rural community, but God is focused upon us, and He is working among us for His own glory. This local church family, just as with all Gospel-centered communities of faith, is a delight to the Lord. He is mindful of us, and He seeks to make His name great in Diana, TX.
Let our prayer continually be “hallowed be Your name,” which is another way of saying, “may Your name be revered, respected, sacred, and cherished.” And may God do this right here among us.