Broadly, we partner with more than 3,000 international missionaries through the International Missions Board (IMB) and over 7,000 North American (NAMB) missionaries through our Cooperative Program giving to the Southern Baptist Convention of churches. Locally, we support church planting and pastoral networking through our giving to the Harmony Pittsburg Baptist Association.

Directly, we have specific partnerships with Dan Collins of Training Leaders International, Cody Howard of Church Under the Bridge and Mission Texarkana, and Wesley Burke of Redemption Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, TX.

Cody Howard began Church Under the Bridge in Texarkana in the spring of 2012. Each Saturday morning, Cody drives a van and a flatbed trailer under the Texas Viaduct bridge in downtown Texarkana. Many homeless and street people gather, and about half of them are regulars. They sing and pray, and they also sit under Cody’s ministry of expositional preaching.

Cody became the executive director of Texarkana Friendship Center, the central hub of Mission Texarkana, in 2017. Through this parachurch ministry, Cody leads volunteers and staff in providing numerous benevolence services to people in need.

Cody also loves FBC Diana, and he has served us as a regular guest preacher for years. We continue to prayerfully support his ministry to us and to others through financial gifts, both annually and occasionally when he comes to Diana to preach.

Wesley Burke has been planning to plant a church in Nacogdoches, TX, for the last 3 years. He and his family have been members of Keltys Baptist Church in Lufkin, TX, for several years, and Keltys is a major supporter of Wesley’s plans.

Wesley was also one of Marc’s fellow pastoral interns in Washington, DC. Marc has gotten to know Wesley and his family very well, and (in September of 2019) FBC Diana got to meet Wesley and his family too, when he came to preach on a Sunday morning.

On February 9, 2020, Redemption Baptist Church covenanted together as a congregation for the first time. Having become a church on that day, RBC continues to gather each Sunday in a small building right across College Street from the SFA University campus.

Dan Collins was the senior pastor of Redeemer International Community Church in Busan and Changwon, South Korea. In 2016, Dan and his wife Annie decided to embark on a new kind of mission for the glory of Christ and the spread of the Gospel. Dan became a full-time international trainer with Training Leaders International (based in Minneapolis, MN).

Dan and Annie have four kids: Madelyn, Phoebe, Asher and Calvin.

Dan averages 5-6 international teaching trips per year, each lasting 1-2 weeks. On these teaching trips, Dan leads local church leaders through basic biblical instruction and trains them to be more capable disciple-makers. Dan also recruits and arranges for American pastors and teachers to accompany him on these trips. In this way, Dan facilitates missional opportunities for local churches in the US.

Why these particular missionaries?

Every church must prioritize its missions giving and participation, since no single congregation can support every missionary in the world. We prioritize in three ways.

One, we want to partner with missionaries who focus their efforts on Scripture and the local church.

Two, we want to aim toward allocating our missional engagement in concentric circles: local, national, and international.

Three, we want to partner with missionaries who have a close personal relationship with us.