Church Members are united by:

Conversion – a shared faith in and love for the Lord Jesus Christ, as described in the Bible.

Commitment to Christ – a shared commitment to the pursuit of Christian holiness, which includes both a love for Christ and a resolute aim to obey to His commands.

Commitment to One Another – a shared love for one another, expressed through meaningful and biblically regulated relationships.


Regular Participation

Healthy church members attend the Sunday gatherings regularly and participate in church activities. Thus, we expect our members to participate in the Lord’s Day gatherings and occasional Members’ Meetings.

Discipling Relationships

Healthy church members connect deeply with other members. Life Groups are a great formal way to begin these kinds of relationships, but every Christian should be making personal investments for the spiritual good of others in all sorts of informal ways.

Regular Prayer and Giving

Healthy church members feel a sense of responsibility for the rest of their church family. Two basic ways we can express responsible care for one another is to pray regularly for fellow members and cheerfully contribute to the ongoing ministry of the church.