How do I become a member of the FBC Diana Community?
FBC Diana is a community of Christians attempting to live out the implications of the Gospel on a daily basis.  This means that we are a group of people centered upon one supreme idea (The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news ever!), and we are a people who are devoted to loving and knowing both the God who saved us and one another.  If you want to take steps towards the deep and meaningful relationship that is Church Membership (Please read “What is Church Membership“), then here is how you may begin.  
*You may also be interested to read an article by Pastor Marc, entitled Why do we have a “Membership Process?”
Steps to Church Membership at First Baptist Church of Diana
Step 1:  Attend Our Worship Service
This may seem to go without saying, and you have probably already completed this step (Congratulations!).  It is vitally important that we worship God together in community with one another.  
Step 2:  Read through the Confession of Faith and the MISSION of FBC Diana
Becoming a member of this church requires commitment to a particular mission or goal, and you will want to know what that mission is.  You will also want to take a look at the foundational truths that ground such a mission and unite us as a body of believers.  Be sure to check out the more detailed explanation of each mission aspect (Worship, Community, Service, and Multiplication).
Step 3:  Participate in Membership Orientation
We host Membership Orientation on a regular basis.  Membership Orientation is an opportunity for you to gather with Pastor Marc, and others who are interested in membership at FBC Diana, in order to become better acquainted with each other and with FBC Diana.  Pastor Marc will answer questions like, What is church membership all about?  What can each member expect from others?  and What is a Membership Covenant?  You will also have the opportunity to interact with others and tell of God’s marvelous grace in your own life.
Step 4:  Personalize Your Connection
As you may have already noticed, church membership means more than simply wearing your favorite jersey on game day.  Participants have a much deeper friendship and commitment level than the spectators.  Because of the intense relational aspect of church membership, it is vital that you take the time to make personal connections with the leadership and other members of FBC Diana.  Pastor Marc, or another church leader, will encourage, confirm, and affirm God’s work in your life and heart through a personalized forum.
Step 5:  Celebrate God’s Grace Publicly
At FBC Diana, Church Membership is a BIG DEAL.  We want to celebrate the Gospel and the God who saves at every step along the way, and becoming a church member makes you part of the Gospel-centered Community here.  Everyone will want to know and hear about what God has done in you.  God’s grace in your story is something that we all want to celebrate.  Pastor Marc will help you understand what, how, and when at the end of Membership Orientation.
This process is meant as an easy, step-by-step journey to guide you from Guest to healthy Church Member.  Membership is certainly not the end, but a beginning for your journey alongside other pilgrims on the way.  Please feel free to ask questions and let us know how we might assist you further as you connect more deeply at FBC Diana.  
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