How do I become a member of FBC Diana?
At FBC Diana, we take membership seriously. We believe church membership is God’s designed structure for Christian relationships, and we also believe that this structure is intended for our spiritual growth and health.
If you have not done so already, please read What is Church MembershipYou may also be interested to read an article by Pastor Marc, titled Why do we have a “Membership Process?

What are the Steps to Church Membership?

Step 1:  Attend the Sunday Gatherings

This may seem to go without saying, but it is vitally important that we worship God together in community with one another. You should plan to attend several Sunday services before you pursue membership.

Step 2:  Participate in Membership Orientation

Membership Orientations are scheduled as the need arises. These small group meetings provide the opportunity for relationship building and for asking questions about membership, church, and Christianity. One or more of the elders (or pastors) will schedule and lead the meeting, and you may inquire about the next orientation at any time.

Step 3:  Read the Confession of Faith & the Membership Covenant

Becoming a member of this church requires commitment to believe the Scriptures and live in light of Christ’s commands. The Confession of Faith summarizes what we teach and the Membership Covenant summarizes how we intend to live. You must read both of these documents, and you must affirm your happy subscription to them in order to be a church member.

Step 4:  Membership Interview

Attending a membership orientation, reading the church documents, and participating in some of the public gatherings of FBC Diana may provoke some questions in your mind. Additionally, the elders of FBC Diana will also want to ask you more questions before we all formally commit to one another. The membership interview will include you and at least one elder of FBC Diana. Spouses and families are encouraged to participate in the interview at the same time.

Step 5:  Formal Congregational Vote

At each members’ meeting of FBC Diana the elders will make recommendations about members coming in and members going out, but the ultimate decision to bring someone into membership resides in the collective members of the church.

Step 6:  Public Profession of Faith in Christ and Pledge to His People

Once a new member has been added to our number by vote of the assembled congregation, that new member will be formally welcomed by the church body on a Sunday morning.  Pastor Marc introduces all new members at the close of a Sunday morning service, either by baptism or by public profession of faith, having been previously baptized.
If you have questions or you would like more information, please contact or call our church office at (903) 663-1236.