What are the basics of Christian belief?
Well, that is a good question. The simple answer is that basic Christian belief centers upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the story about how God saves rebellious and disobedient humans from divine punishment through the substitutionary person and work of Jesus Christ. This, however, is only a very simple answer to the question, and even this answer may require some significant explanation if it is to be rightly understood.
The good news is that the question of basic beliefs can be answered quite well if someone is willing to give an honest and thoughtful response. The bad news is that the answer to this question is much more expansive than a simple answer will allow. If you really want to know what the basics of Christian belief actually are, then you will probably not be surprised to know that it will take some effort. If you do come to understand what Christians believe and why Christians believe as they do, then you may also discover that your time and investigation is well worth it.
These 20 guides may serve as a step-by-step overview of the Christian basics. Whether you have been a Christian a very long time, or you are only beginning to investigate the claims of Christianity, this overview will be a help to you.
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Who is man, and from where did he come?
Introduction to guide and Humanity
What is the Bible, & what is its authority?
The Bible is the Word of God
Who is God, and what is He like?
The Communicable Attributes of God
The Incommunicable Attributes of God
God is one what and three who’s
The Decrees of God
What is sin, and what are its affects?
Defining Sin
Sin has a Catastrophic Effect on Everything
Has God left humanity in sin?
The Origin of Saving Grace
Who is the Redeemer God has promised to provide?
Jesus Christ is the Promised Redeemer
Jesus Christ is the Person and Work of Saving Grace
Jesus Christ is the Perfect Prophet
Jesus Christ is the Perfect Priest
Jesus Christ is the King, who was Humiliated & Exalted
How are sinners saved, and what benefits accompany this salvation?
The Application of Saving Grace
The Holy Spirit Convicts, Converts and Confirms
Justification & Adoption
Assurance, Peace, & Preservation
Death and Final Resurrection
These 20 guides, forming a single overview, follow the pattern of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which is a marvelous compendium of the Christian Faith. Catechisms are a great way to learn the truths of Christianity, and you would benefit greatly from regularly reading from The Baptist Catechism and studying the corresponding passages. There are several catechisms, but these two are among the most trusted since their respective publications.