Course Groups

At FBC Diana, Gospel-centered Worship is encouraged and facilitated through multiple avenues.  One of the primary ways that we cultivate an understanding of worship that overshadows all of life is through Course Groups.
Our Course Groups open for registration throughout the year, and meet at designated times and locations. Contact for more information about current Course Groups.
The purpose of Course Groups is to facilitate Gospel-centered Worship and discipleship growth through the intentional investigation of biblical topics
  • Courses run for set time period (usually between 4 and 12 weeks).
  • Numerical size of the Course Group is unimportant.
  • Course Groups have a more formal structure, much like a classroom.
  • Course Group Leaders responsible for preparing and presenting quality material.
  • Course Group Leaders are gifted as teachers and desire deep biblical study.
  • Course Group Leaders teach under the shepherding guidance of the pastor.
  • Course Group attendees may participate in courses of interest to them.