Thanks for checking out FBC Diana. We’re glad you came to visit our website. If you are considering a new church, then let us make a few suggestions before you continue looking here or move on elsewhere.
First, a local church is an institution, but it is most fundamentally a gathering of Christians in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are considering membership in a local church (which you should be if you are a Christian), then you should not think of church shopping like you do any other kind of shopping.
You shouldn’t prioritize convenience, programming, or entertainment value. Instead, you should prioritize faithful biblical teaching, honest and committed relationships, and godly leadership. You will do well to look for a church that will encourage your spiritual growth, that will challenge your errors, and that will walk alongside you through the good times and the bad.
Second, the best way to get to know who and what a church is (especially before physically visiting on a Sunday) is to read through a church’s three most foundational documents – the Confession of Faith, the Membership Covenant, and the Constitution. More than anything else, these documents will tell you what a church believes, what the relationships between members look like, and how the church operates.
We encourage you to read through our documents by clicking the links available above. And we further encourage you to participate in one of our weekly Sunday gatherings at 10:15am in the main auditorium.
May God grant you wisdom, humility, and grace as you search for your new church home.